Connecting people through great spaces and inspired stories.

Two things have always defined me: stories and spaces.  As a kid I built elaborate forts where my best friend and I would hide for hours making up stories by flashlight. A lifetime later I am still doing more or less the same thing.

Over 15 years of designing offices, hospitals, restaurants, universities and more my approach has always been: find the story the space needs to tell and then create a space that tells that story. What is the story of how my clients like to work?  What story do they want to show visitors? What is the story that will bring anyone who uses that space closer together?

Meanwhile I write like a designer, planning and shaping the narrative whether I’m writing real estate copy, a magazine interview, a musical or a novel. Then, with a designer’s eye, I refine my work until I deliver a story as unique and inspiring as the people who will read it.

Nothing bring people together better than a great story. Nothing facilitates connection better than a great space. Check out the links to see some of mine.